Color by Toby Al-R

What color are you? She asked.

And there it started, the journey of the seven relics, there I immersed in an immense essence of nonsense. A chromatic voyage to the hidden land of a thousand lands, to the lands of crawling hands.

My eyes are black pagodas of temperance where folklores are made to be cascaded to the air from the top of the pyramid-like towers. Infidels and worshipers can’t seem to satisfy their voracious gluttony to fill their curiosity, they travel the seas seeking the ancient words, not knowing they were made only to fade, like the sound of a shadow disappearing in the dark.

My lips are red bridges, brittle and treacherous. Martyrs climb mountains and risk their mortal lives to cross to the other side. For they know the fall is a sacred sacrifice to their innocent souls. Their greed is all worthy for once they cross they shall find the emblem of love and charity embedded deep inside a giant quartz stone.

My skin is a golden harbor, with fine a fleet of ships ready to set sail to the isle of chastity. Explorers and adventurers from around the world are eager to discover the mysteries beneath the mist. For when the night falls and the water turns to cognac, the sea nymphs of lust and desire are there to conceal the isle.

My veins are blue rivers of diligence streaming consistently, carrying nexus of inner mutants ready to pour an avalanche of new horizons upon the walls of sloth and ignorance.

My soul is a silver stairway of mirrors leading to the heavens and beyond. Oracles of pride and priestesses of humility converge in a ceremony of peace and vengeance. They hold hands as they step upward to the skies and into the unknown.

My brain is a purple maze of infinite doors, tombs and star gates. Only the wisest of men shall reveal the invisible holographic path which leads to the altar of patience, where the guru of wisdom can be found.The rest of the immature enthusiasts enter the maze only to get lost in their confusion and wrath.

My heart is a white forest of serenity and tranquility, believers and deceivers venture the forest; searching for the blossom of kindness, the meaning of existence, the source to sustain. The believers shall prevail and the deceivers shall be hypnotized by the serenade of envy coming from the hollowed tree of life.

Hello…? Are you with me?

Grey…My color is grey.

Just like life; a mixture of black and white. Just like us; a mixture of dark and light.


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