Incomplete / Short / Minimalist Modernist poem collection by Bader A. Shehab

“Beautiful Noise, a”

Her words,

Pierced the silence of the attic floor,

She lured me unbound.


Render me spotless,

Sesame sins shrink sun-dances,

As she sung a sunflower tune,

Her voice sang.


Rough night”–

Her slung dress drunk her skin

Lights touched,

Ambiance fills,

Soliloquy spills,

The night ends.



Sorry I kept you waiting,

Under this night light,

Florescence floods flailing,

Serene crept at a bright,

Distant as she fades in,




Under this rain,

I marveled in dismay,

Ubiquitously thoughts drop ringlets,

For free fetches form from a frame.


“Court Coated”

Hang my jury’s coat,

Behind the blanketed door,

Of wet nails and torn boards.


“Wedding Bells”

She was promised,

A while ago,

A ring below an African-cut,


Carbon dried stone,

Behind a reflecting surface,

Of shining vulgarity.


“Making Love”

I’ll make love to you,

While whispering in your ear,

How much I wanted to make love to you.


“The Absurdist”

I’d like to dress in pumpkin skin,

Play a flute while making food for the apocalypse,

Then ski down off a Leviathan’s nose.

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