The Dishonesty In Distance by Tifa

Dear you,
Instinctually and reflexively I want to ask you to stop treating me so well and being so good to me. It’s hard to feel as though I deserve all the goodness and light you bring to my life, but at the same time I couldn’t bear to be without it having now experienced it. We may be temporarily separated by many, many miles, but when we talk I don’t feel it. The more we talk, the more addicted I become to your attention, compassion and kindness.
As much as I crave you, you do not seem to mind. You give me attention freely, as though your time, efforts and affection are already rightfully mine and I shouldn’t be asking in the first place. Speaking to you heightens my senses. I can hear what the cigarettes have done to your voice, making it resonate with deepness and masculinity. I melt hearing you through my cell phone and it isn’t difficult to imagine that I’m leaning on the curve of your neck and feeling your vocal cords vibrate. I anxiously await your arrival so I can finally taste those cigarette-infused lips and the soft skin of your neck.
At the same time that I want your alone and all to myself, I can’t wait to show you off. The enthusiasm of your character would no doubt demand everyone to stop, listen and become mesmerized by your words, as I am. The voice I love so much paired with your extraordinary character – I am left with no doubt that everyone would know exactly why I fell so hard for you.
I feed off your energy and happiness. You make my life so optimistic and simple. You are so cheerful, hardworking and intelligent. I have come to truly appreciate these wonderful, positive, uplifting characteristics of your personality and recognize the benefits you have brought to my own life as a result. In the past, I gave so much; I spoiled other lovers rotten to the point of no return. The fact that I’m getting spoiled too feels so strange and I promise to never take advantage of your love, devotion and attention.
I still question, why me? It seems like a fantasy. Do I deserve you? I am not sure what draws you to me as I am drawn to you, but I do not want to second guess it and add complications where there is no need. I am so enamored with you and I don’t know why things aligned to bring us together, but I am ready to jump in whole-heartedly and hope you feel the same.

This love letter is not relevant anymore.

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