That Poet’s Words by Kamanha

Allow me to be as sane as the world allowed me to be and open up my chest.

I hope you have steady hands…There is a heart here for you to caress, I insist

Hold it, own it, deform and reform it and whisper bliss inside all this mess.

And speak the tongue of the man exiled on that island whom I misrepresent, I guess.

And no, there isn’t a way to tell just what I mean…


Shame on the pages of fate on which blood and ink met for me to rethink how I should be.

Shame on the worlds between the love of you and the love of you loving me.

Shame on the nightmare that visits me whenever I blink…So let me wink for you to see

That all this shame is not on fate nor the world…this shame is from me, to me and for me…

But still…No, there isn’t a way to tell just what I mean…


It seems I rolled over this morning expecting to wake up to a different life I don’t rue.

For, to me, I’m a disappointment at a disarray, disdainfully disesteemed for the respect that’s due.

My soul shouted: “Shut up!” at God and listened to no one but you.

The truth is that there is no truth but only what I believe it to be true.

And so I knew…there isn’t a way to tell just what I mean…


And what I’ve seen might have been all for the sake of looking at you and being able to analyze

That rare beauty I witnessed thereupon, then, forthwith, my eyes unmasked all that underlies

Deepest in this man’s demon’s secrets…to rip these frivolous curtains asunder…to idealize

The cordiality you cultivated in me. The insanity, the humility…just what does it take for you to realize…

just what I mean…


We sat on the pavement that day when I told you “I’ll vomit these words out of my mind”.

And now they’re well-placed on paper. So take my life, my world…and be all mine.

You’re the golden treasure I was promised…the heavenly pleasure my religion foretold that I strived to find.

So allow me to be as sane as you would allow me to be, my world…And these words, with my love, they will be signed.

OH and no need to tell any of what I mean…for there will be time.


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