Superhero by Osman Naeem

My dear Destiny,

You and I both thought I would go after losing my body parts to a four footed fire farting falcon from far far away. It happened! But only in the last issue of that comic book spin off about me. But let me let you know, retirement homes are for the dead, they don’t let me listen to Motörhead here, they say it’s not good for my health. They don’t even let me listen to Marvin Gaye for undisclosed reasons, it’s obviously a science experiment on old super people. But let me let you know, retirement homes are for the dead, you won’t have to bring me flowers here, between life and afterlife, this is where all the super-folks are left “to pass away peacefully”.

I lie on beds and benches and stare at ceilings and skies all day here, and I’ve started to ask questions like why there are only seven sins but ten commandments. It was none of my business I thought eventually, I’m bad with numbers, and I finally understood why hero rhymed with zero.

Well, some nights they catch me carving space debris out of twigs I pocket from the garden and ask me if I’m out of my mind, I tell them I can’t sleep because my heart beats too fast. I might be lonely but not alone. I met Agatha “Miss Velocity” Smith Vega here, and she smells like the insides of an abandoned cigarette box, she has so many scars that her body looks like a treasure map, and she gets mad when I press the service bells on her chest, they’re too tempting. My roommate here is Jorge “The Fapper Arm” Vega, we broke each other’s bones in the past but now we drink tea together, and he still tries to break my bones when I press the service bells on Agatha’s chest. Oh, I didn’t mention, the color of their wedding rings was the reason that everything changed. If you remember reading about the second renaissance in your history textbook, then you may very well be aware of how the world changed when the good and the bad mixed like red and yellow to reveal a bright beautiful orange we’d never seen. It was Agatha and Jorge, they were brave enough to show the world, full of blind men and women who were constantly bumping into each other, and apologized for it only till the moment they grew tolerance towards the nudges and pushes, were conditioned by them, and eventually became fond of them. You can picture it like a time lapse series of pictures depicting the evolution of entropy in your chemistry textbook. It’s too utopian to be true, how violence now exists just as a gentle art form taught in drama class. Those were the good times, even if these are better days.

Anyway Destiny, I apologize for not sticking around, but they told me between life and afterlife is where I get to take my last breaths reading my bucket list, I have no bucket list Destiny, and that’s why I wish to meet you before I go or get taken.

All yours,
Godspeed Johnson

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