Superhero by Suha

Dear nephew,
My sister, your mother, your father’s wife has informed me of a terrible affliction that you have asked upon yourself recently. I hear you’ve injured your nose, dislocated a knee and will undergo spinal surgery this Tuesday. My deepest sympathies with you and your parents who will be investing quite a lot for this little mishap. Naturally, being your uncle, I was concerned about this event and wanted full details as to what made you jump out of that window, that 3rd floor window. And according to dear Margaret, your fascination-bordering-on-obsession with superheroes was the driving force behind this lunacy, a failed attempt at trying to fly. I know I am partly to blame for this for having gifted you 3 Marvel comics on your 6th birthday, a Batman costume during Christmas and a Wonder-woman tiara for getting straight As. But regardless, I know I am not alone for having spoilt you like this and that your video games addict of a father must’ve played a greater role. I don’t really like Margaret’s choice in men.

I know words on paper aren’t much but my business demands that I stay overseas for the while and unfortunately cannot be there to impart wisdom to your blooming mind nor comfort your pain. So I will resort to tell you what I know about these superheroes that you idolise very much.

If you ask me, every superhero story is a dusted and done concept that we keep resurrecting over and over again. An ordinary average Joe/Jolene, usually an orphan, gains super abilities and decides to use it for the greater good. He/She is practically invincible but the story writers have to put them through challenges and obstacles to keep the plot going. They accomplish this by creating adversaries for them who seek to create disharmony in a stable society. The clash between the superhero and the villain ensues. The superhero is tried and tested, the loved ones are held hostage, the weaknesses exposed and finally the superhero after much struggle, courage and handwork rises through the challenge.

I know I am ruining the fun, but this is what it all truly is at the heart of it. I accept that you admire the qualities of these noble super-humans and they truly are admirable, but it messes up your mind, it really does. You will realise at the end of the day, that there ARE no superheroes or villains. There are just Good People and The Others with haywire moral compasses and possibly a dozen mental disorders. Perhaps we should tear out all the grandiose ideas of being a super being and learn to be happy with the fact that we are only human, imperfect humans who are not all that that rich and at times, unlovable. That there is no one dying to be saved and that there is no one purely evil. And while we are at it, why not give villains a chance? (I swear, I am not at all biased seeing that I’m an occasional Arsonist but I digress)

So dearest nephew, I hope this little rant of mine will put things in a better perspective for you. Along with the letter, I’ve sent some candy bars and a few books on dinosaurs. I wish you a speedy recovery and will try to meet you and your parents in a week. Be strong young padawan!

Uncle Bruce

(There is a good chance your mother doesn’t show you my letters or filters them out. She fears that I corrupt you but I only wish for you to know the truths. Breaking the 4th wall here, but Margaret, it is time you allow my words of wisdom to reach your boy’s ears.)

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