Superhero/Supervillian by Merriam AlFuhaid

I stand face to face with my dependency

My expressive inabilities

I practice fidelity to loneliness

Artistically, completely

You cannot compete

With my love of never loving

And you do not even try

Don’t try.

Those I dare love I make myself

You will find

Each moment they steal you away

Is to me an amputation

I’m sorry

But I know I am replaceable

When one is

A fantasy or a brag

But not a woman

A listening ear or a joke

But not a person

It happens very easily

And what I have seen from everything

Is that superheroes don’t exist

Beyond an illusion

But supervillians do

They do, yes they do

So please forgive me for sitting on your wings

I don’t want to know

Which direction you will fly.

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