Superhero/Supervillian by Shayma’a Ahmad

Super hero

Super villain


That’s all super!

But what’s that got to do with me? Or my life?

Well, maybe supernovas are not too irrelevant.

The super heroes and villains that I like are either all fictitious or all dead.

Or both.

And I prefer it that way.

But I once knew a hero;

A hero of heroes.

Despite that hero not donning the tight, spandexy get-up we’re too familiar with, my hero still had a great taste in clothes. And chocolate.

We knew each other for a couple of decades. It wasn’t all peaceful, of course.

Sometimes, it was far from it.

Usually, it was my fault.

Except near the end, when a “super” villain showed up.

Neither of us saw it coming,

And neither of us was prepared.

We still tried our best to conquer it.

But that damned super villain was hell-bent on bringing my hero down to their knees.

And it did.

And more.

I tell you, though – my hero of heroes did not go down without a glorious fight.

And that villain? It’s no longer super.

And my hero?

My hero lives.

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