Superhero/Supervillian by Toby Al-R

Like the sound of a violin drilling through my bones
I hear you in the pounding waves of the clapping sea
I hear your enfeeble whispers in the dry sand where I stand
Where do I stand?
Between the changing seasons?
Or perhaps in your realm of treason
Haunted by the interrogation of your face
Like a vision of the past racing to pass the future
We meet in the cross roads of the lost time
We breathe the unbreathed bewildered air
An infection of affection and affliction
Leading me gently to whirl in your spiral void
Where I strand in an insane eternity of eternal insanity
A vortex of illusionary landscape
I can navigate your maze but I can never escape
I find comfort in your torturing chamber
I cower confessing my righteous sins
Our good evil find growth
In our alter of broken oath
Your shadows’ grins and creep my body
They demanded a sacrifice
They convinced me to stay
Because you are my super-villain-hero
And to you I surrender and convey.

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