Blood by Nawar Bashir

We made a promise u and i
Sat underneath the dark sky

We promised wed never let them tear us apart.
We’d struggle, we’d fight, wed tear out their hearts

Young love so innocet, so naiive. Seen through a pink tinted clarity.
A love that hasnt yet been slapped by the cold hard hand of reality.

The only noise came from the waves hitting the shore, The only light came from the silver moon.
We sat in our secluded spot on the beach, knowing our secret was kept by the sand dune.

U took a knife and sliced ur finger
Then gave it to me to to do the same.
For a moment i let the moment linger
Then cut through my skin ignoring the sting of pain

We pressed ours palms against each other
our blood entwined and became a mixture of one
Dripping down our fingers, The promise was sealed and done.

With intimacy and passion it was our bodies that interlaced.
But there was something crucial we forgot in our frustrated haste.

Months later, the absence of my blood meant that there was a conception.
A plan of running away together was in inception.

But they found out and wouldn’t let us marry
Kept u from being with me and the baby you dreamed to carry

Families conspired, bribes were made, money exchanged hands.
I was made a wife to a man i couldnt stand.

A healthy baby boy was born.
Looked like you, with his blue eyes and hair the color of golden corn.

You couldn’t stay away. Watched your son, from afar, as he grew.
Stolen hours were all we had.
You needed us like we needed you.

The little time we had together flew by in a haze.
Love, anger, ecstacy, hopelessness, rapture, longing, it was an emotional daze.

They found you and beat you up.
Threatened you
But that wasnt enough

I came to see you that day;
“You should stay away for good” i was planning to say.

Afraid theyll do something to hurt you if this didnt end.
I had no idea what was about to impend

Now i kneel by what’s left of your body, with a huge lump in my throat.
I pull the knife out of ur chest, ur blood surronds you like a gruesome coat.

The only sound left is the sound of my heart’s agonized roars.
Making up for the silence that has replaced the beating of yours.


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