Blood by Osman Naeem

From Blood to Dust

30,000 men, 300,000 pints of blood, 1,000,000 pints of ale, charging towards each other with the fury of a war orphan, armed with war music, in a valley unnamed
25,000 men, hungry for a promised heaven, thirsty for revenge, 5000 headless generals riding a dark horse into the rising sun, reddened by a bloody mist

20,000 men, 10,000 lives turned to mud and intestines, battle hymns siphoned into battle cries, shrilled screams, shiny metal armor failing to serve its purpose

15,000 men, mammoth steps through the stench of guts, 15,000 heads punctured with spears of glory, a flatland of stomped jawbones

10,000 men, in a cocoon made of war hammers and bows, bootstraps made of blood clots, 20,000 folklores come to life
5000 men, breathing and sweating blood

1000 men, too far ahead to fall back, shaken awake and put to sleep, sedated by guilt, sobered by blood, sharp daggers and blunt hopes
2 men, 2 vials of asp venom, tired, white flags floating in red rivers, a horizon without an observer, a sunset without a sun, blue skies and grey clouds catching rust

Mothers brothers fathers sisters left alone, at the cost of bloodlust, a lot of blood lost, a lot of blood lines cut short of successors

30,000 men, turned to countless grains of dust

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