Blood by Toby Al-R

The wheels of time are rolling and rolling; dragging millions of peons and blind laborers excavating my heart. Operation governed by discrimination and classism empowered by the fascism of greed and a bloodbath of showering dollars.

I sit here and blood boil about the future of hopeless species; slowly carving and craving for their own extinction. Tricked by the ancient words of an apocalyptic day and a promised land followed by a fairytale of severe nonsense. Narrow visioned and simple minded, gracefully gave up their right to fight instead they held hands as they kept rolling and rolling.

I stand here with a blood thirst for the taste of an intelligent liberty reigned by the divinity of a united voice. Like the thirst to the bitterness of wine I call for a RESET to the chaos of humanity and the disarray they adequately built.

I walk here looking at the bloodshed of thousands of corpses; victims of false promises, a product of erupted roots from a disrupted tree with a corrupted seed. Territorial wars of monetary system filled with inequality, injustice, famine, rage and the list goes longer than a hundred page and cut deeper than the sharpest dagger. Manmade rules written in the abstract of a thousand lie.

The manifestation of the manifold grows clearer and clearer as the ordeal grows wider and wider. Meanwhile the majority are rolling and rolling in the gloom of their naivety. Perhaps there is no good in criticism as clearly the vandalism of souls and the priggism of minds will never stop, the blood is already in our hands so perhaps we can substitute it with the ink.

Because we writers have the power to vanquish the past, cleanse the presence and print our hearts out for the future. We know the meaning of solitude, the sound of the ticking clocks and serenity of the darkest nights.

Our words are swords and scissors, designed to cut the strings of the puppeteers. Our minds are star gates of infinite knowledge constructed to demolish the obedient factory only to rebuild the pillars of victory from the rubbles of the blood lusted havoc.

We have the ability to envision and the capability to see the beauty in the vile, and with a twisted smile we manage to be agile and impress; regarding the stress of this bloody mess.

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