Joy by Ahmed AlRasheed

As we ascended down the Hellmouth caves, we could hear the sounds of The Wakening. Six of us scavenged through the undying lands looking for Crota, there we encountered the deadly thralls of the Hive decent. They were sent by the Hallowed Wizards who were preparing the ritual to wake Crota, son of Oryx.  Using our blasters we fought our way through the Hellmouth with one mission, stop the ritual. We came across a huge blue door and a glowing blue gatekeeper who stood there with a sword as long as his eight foot long body. He was immune to our blasters which after a while encountering such creature, we figured a way to down this alien. We had to get the sword laying behind him and use it against him, the swordof Crota. With much distractions and intimidation I managed to grab the sword and slice him into pieces. We took a deep breath and pushed opened the Gates of Hellmouth, we were late.  Crota has been summoned, and all across the huge hallway scattered thralls and Knights of Crota. The Hallowed Wizards have sacrificed themselves to summon Crota who stood on the other side of the room, doused in some spell, immune to our blasters. We had to use the sword of Crota to fight this monster and stop Crota from succeeding into destroying the Last City on Earth’s cosmodrome. This fight was tricky, where we lost one of our members to the Oversoul, Oryx’s spirit. Dieskee died, the Oversoul started to suck the life out of us and the only reasonable solution is to gun it down as fast as possible. Four hours fighting this Hive monster & his devouring army had ended, five of us managed to kill Crota and end the Hive who conquered earth. With complete farah wa suroor we all yelled and screamed, and I threw my headset on the ground finally defeating Hard mode Crota on Destiny and got my final piece for my armor, the Willbreaker’s Watch. It was one hell of an intense fight that’s for sure.


*Destiny: a first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. This game is played across PlayStation and XBOX platforms

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