Joy by Nawar Bashir

To my Baby girl;
Allow me just a moment to get a bit irrational.
I’m your mother, I tend to get a little emotional.
It shocks me when I think of how fast time is going.
It awes me every time I realize how quick you’re growing.
It feels like I’m sending you off to college, so it’s easy to forget;
That you’re only starting nursery, it’s not even your first day of school yet.
My little Princess, I hope you will remain;
My little baby, My Hurricane.
Bubbles, swings, and slides make you squeal with delight;
You sleep in bed with Panda, Bear, and Rabbit every night.
The little things you do, and the little things you say,
They make me happy; they’re the highlight of my day.
So, Gorgeous Girl, I want you to know;
That even though it might not always show;
I love you more than anything, and that love will only grow.
Sensitive, I know I am, but I think I’m allowed;
To tell you of how, no matter what, you’ll always make me proud.

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