Joy by Toby Al-R

First let me just say

Fuck Miley Cyrus okay?

Now that is out of the way

Maybe I can start writing about joy

In a world like this;

It is hard not to come to the realization that joy and happiness is an internal job

To be exalted within in a crepuscular landscape of inner peace

To accept that life is a mysterious journey from point A to point B with variation of distance for each individual

With no prescribed etiquette of fairness to be involved in such notorious regime

In crisis people often weep; why me?

I lousily say; why not?

Infuse yourself with positivity regarding the outcome, it happen to be contagious with a domino effect

Happiness ever after only exist in day-to-day basis for it is nothing but moments dancing on the tips of your deviated fingers

Nothing ever last, nothing ever will, for everything ever lived is already dead and everything alive will surely die

For me I find joy in the acceptance of pain, in the deliverance of knowledge through posthumous words longing to be calibrated with reality

I don’t submit to a celestial dictatorship in hope to be rewarded, for I have my own universe within my ultra-dimensional mind where I create my own form of rewarding joy

Like a turtle I find home inside myself

In order to be joyful you would need to be wise, and believe me when I say;

Wisdom is parallel with insanity

As comfort is diagonal from humanity.



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