Justice by Suha

She’s graceful the ways she stands. Chin upwards, posture upright, fearing no one and nothing. Holding balance scales in one hand, a double edged sword in the other, wearing a flowing robe typical of Greek goddesses. Lady Justice just is what her names suggests her to be. The embodiment of fairness, equity and the most noble of moral forces.

She’s blindfolded, all are equal before her. She’s colour blind too and thinks the warm blood that flows from her eyes, through the blindfold, are her tears. But that only happens when she’s pained by injustice and matters out of her reach which isn’t a common occurrence, thankfully. You can find her in courtrooms and places of legal practices. You can also find her ghost anywhere justice is served hot, fresh and well-cooked.

But things are often created in the image of the imperfect creator, Lady Justice too occasionally takes a peek through the blindfold. She ruthlessly uses her sword to kill mockingbirds, someone should remind her that it is a sin to kill one.

She is not immune to the occasional bouts of greed either, sometimes tipping the scales for the rhinestone-studded ring wearer. The amount of melanin in your skin can be the reason you get a sentence you didn’t deserve or whether you’ve got a particular accessory on your head or even the length of your facial hair.

If you are not careful, and here is the freaky part, the picture tube flashing images in your eyes will convince you of her soulless verdict. Even freaky, when not even a whisper is heard from the mob in such perilous times.

But, never mind.

In Lady Justice we trust, with Lady Justice we rust.

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