Justice by Toby

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Now that I have bashed my keyboard to eviscerate some of the rage imbedded deep inside my tormented soul, I feel slightly at ease and in control.

Let me just say; in a time where 1% of the population owns %50 of the planet wealth, justice is approaching the vicinity of diminishment with this level of absurdity.

There will NEVER be justice for all!

As long as money and superstitious believes exist, as long as we teach our children the nonsense of ancient books as immortality for our ethical morality, as long as we mess with their little heads by temptation of infinite bliss and intimidation of eternal torture, as long as we give money the power to purchase anything and everything including humanity itself. You see the vile side of these books that they are ingeniously encrypted to teach the mass to surrender and obey, to accept reality as it is, that being poor or rich is a natural order. Editing, adding to and promoting the game we invented. Money never grew on the trees, we made this filth up, we made the whole thing through decades and centuries, only to favor few elites and get the middle class doing all the work while the majority are left to anguish.

Of course the rich will immediately interrupt without a thread of thought, and the ignorant won’t have the required intellect and mentality to fathom such a magnitude of drastic change to the self-inherent wicked system, and my favorite group; the believers will surely conclude the injustice as a divine wisdom from the supreme being.

What do you suggest they often ask me; I will break it down by saying research The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement. Intellectual scientific ideas merged to cure this ill system from self-destruction and global injustice, ideas seek the good for humanity over the gruesome cycle of money, scarcity, consumption, debts, inflation and bankruptcy. The only narrow passage left to turn this planet into the real Garden of Eden.

This wretched path of ravaging the planet we inhabit; sooner or later will come collapsing down on us. Building nuclear weapons of mass destruction, polluting the environment for the sake of profit, destroying everything around in the name of God, pride, land and flag, climbing the pyramid scheme of money to bail governments out of debt only to control them. Well hold on a minute and kindly allow me to ask; when enough becomes enough, how will you bail this planet out?

So called superior species we managed to divide ourselves in such outrageous ways; group, ethnic background, social status, nationality, belief, spoken language, sexuality and even skin color. How contemptuous and insulting to think we are superior when we brutally separate ourselves then ferociously establish totalitarian regimes.

Why are you bothered? They say; enjoy your life…

How dare you ask me to enjoy my life perceiving the misery of others, to enjoy my meal when I know there are starving people out there, how dare you implement your pathetic hypnotizing attempts to numb my humanity with your shopping malls, gismos, brands and toys, how dare you ask me to enjoy my liberty when there are millions of slaves and prisoners out there under the name of court and justice.

Don’t waste my time telling me we have a justice system in an unjust world, no lawyer or policeman is ever needed if the core of the problem is fixed; which is the social inequality. Don’t waste my time with your books and commandments, vicious minds been abusing this celestial authority since the dawn of civilizations in the name of super intending deity.

You say God created many people, I say people created many Gods in their own image! Advocating factious designs, vindicating their hunger for power, control and bigotry. Allow me to amend; even if one of the beliefs is the absolute truth; it still doesn’t change the fact that it is no good for us! Martyrdom, plundering, stratification, condemnation and frightening are no good!

They teach us; humanity started with Adam and Eve and a talking snake, in which it means we are all here by the act of incest by the way, but then the source of the story prohibits the act itself. Not that I care, I just want to highlight the incongruous contradiction there.

Heavens observed humanity strive the face of earth with indifference for nearly a hundred thousand years before it decided to intervene with the absolute revelation of complete salvation and guidance, although it had to plagiarize itself at least twice to finesse and polish the sacred plan.

But that was then and this is now, where you can’t switch on the radio news without hearing about the death, beheading, murdering, suicide bombing and criminal activities driven by fanatic beliefs. The poverty and suffering of millions of people, the spread of diseases and inability to finance medications, and on and on and on. And what do we do? We move on our day as if it a normal thing.

Maybe you are right, maybe there is nothing we can do. This world is raped, abused and corrupted long ago to the point of no return. Every right been shrunk to minimal meaningless options, every soul is shackled and enslaved to employability by the upper 1 percent, every brain been heinously washed and stripped of its individuality and its right to even think or question certain matters.

Science invented machines to support us, yet we ended up being the machines operating the machines 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the sake of economic growth. It is my turn to say enjoy your life, the planet has been converted to a money factory and you have been successfully transformed to an obedient cyborg.

I am sorry if you find my critical critiques to be offending, I am sorry if I scratched your majestic ego, I am sorry if I ridiculed your belief that’s been pounded into your head since childhood.

So go ahead take my rights, take my time, take my soul, and break my spirit and heart. But you will NOT take my ability to write about it.

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