Mountain by Ahmed AlRasheed

They looked at me, like I was a prize, both males as I was told by my mother. She made certain I knew what I was going to see from this agonizing world; humans. That’s what she called these species, ugly, scary, disgusting humans. This one particular human though seemed, good. He shined a bright smile at me, picked me up and looked at me funny then said something where our keeper then nodded and put me in a box. I felt violated at this stage.

It was dark and bouncy in the box, and I was probably 10 years old, about two human months as mother told me. I was terrified which led to the act of releasing “prisoners.” As soon as we got to their house, I saw another me in the cage. She looked like me, but a whole lot skinnier, which is a great perk for our specie. I wondering why she occupied such a huge cage, was she rich? The humans then put me in that three story high cage, a whole cage with this stranger and I. It did have a comfy bed better than the one in my forgoing home. Mountains of food were given and sometimes we got to get out of the cage for a bit and run around the playground. I lived my life with these awesome guards that fed me everything; Cheetos, burgers, and chicken nuggets, mainly leftovers but I don’t mind.

Pongo was her name, “mini me”, as I called her for the past month. It took nearly a whole month for Pongo to gain the courage to strike a conversation. She seemed dumb, walking around none stop, eating in one corner, then running to the other. Pongo seems to have a naive personality, but didn’t affiliate herself with me. When she introduced herself to me she was over protective about me. She thought I was her gay lover, there was even that one time where she thought I was the messiah, here to help her go to Valhalla. Pongo finally confronted me of her secrecy, we were in the same box that was shipped to this country. It was shocking as I do not remember seeing her, why does she remember me and I don’t her? “You were the fatso,” Pongo said, “everyone knew you.” I wasn’t offended by that, in fact we became best friends. I asked myself why I have the name Cholo and why Pongo was hers, but it doesn’t really matter now, we’re just rats in a cage living in some human house, and yes we have a three story high cage with a hammock hanging on top, and I’m off to sleep there, toodledo.

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