Echo by Toby Al R

In the chromatic odyssey of this enigmatic life
I wallow a path edging to the lowly origin of the cosmos
I stare below to the aspect of the unknown
inclining a chin then emancipating a grin
I widen my arms and welcome the bombardment of emotions
intriguing surrender to the whimsical reverie
flashing lights crusting my shielded spirit
apprehended by a grotesque mind made forged manacle
the time sprints backward as my body collapses forward
I hear black noise whispering loud spectrum of dark colors
I choose to keep my eyes shut as my body descends
nevertheless my mind can still envision
mirage images of soft and swift quicksand
somewhat soothing the idea of the impact
the fall feels like eternity of suspension
indoctrinating my realm of transcendence
objectifying my soul to swirl and whirl
in the majesty of the underlying universe
mere stardust shooting through the magnificence
the collision is imminent but time is a mystery
driven by the injunction of divine impulses
midst the air, here and now I take my vow
never to forget the reflection of my perception
with a dimensional rotation I fall toward the stars
straight into the reverse echo of my triumph.

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