Jar by Toby Al R

I place my hand and pick my black heart
From inside a jar of dark art
The beast within remains untamed
A sickness in my mind remains unnamed
Lines appearing in my face
Like roots in the ground
Mystic journey
Consists of going round and round
The reflection of my eyes
Marvelous illusion
Enamored by cult of demise
Infusion of confusion
The glass held high
As I roll the ball of thoughts
Down the stairs of my mind
I hear it bounce on an on
I wait for it to stop
The thoughts seem endless
With a background of silence
And suspicious sounds
Presided by the spirit of the dead
I hear nothing but the whispers of the wind
A distant squeak of a confused bird
A clanging sound of a broken pipe
The footsteps of a stranger in the streets
The ball is still bouncing
Down the stairs and into a corridor
Of my naked self
I stand facing the might of life
In preparation to rush through
Ignited with audacity
And a charismatic smile
Like a flaming sword
I cut through its atrocity
I disintegrate the complexity
But then I struggle with its simplicity
For when a person like you crosses my path
And when your blue eyes move to the edge
Like a planet orbiting its moon
You look straight into my eyes
I lose my power and crumble
The ball reaches the end of the corridor
And stops at the palm of your foot
You gesture a wink
I know what you thinkā€¦
I close my eyes and whisper
I accept.

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