Seeds by Hawra’a Khalfan

The institute of education is now corrupt,
it has been refashioned
from something that was so pure-
from purely wanting to spread knowledge, and
to influence,
to nurture those who will be brilliant.
The institute of education has now become:
Do the minimum you can, to get a grade, which will tell you how smart you are.
Memorize words without understanding the depth behind them.
Remember things without realizing why you needed to know them.
Is this what really matters?
Is this the goal we must strive for?
A’s or B’s? C’s or D’s?
Letters which would mean nothing on their own if not for this
corrupt institute of education.

“Miss why did I lose marks on this?”
“Miss I forgot my homework.”
“Miss can we have bonus work to make up for my low test grade?”
No, miss will not accept your excuses,
because this miss wants you to learn.
No- this miss needs you to learn.
This miss doesn’t want to just hand you letters
to make you feel better about yourselves.
This miss doesn’t care about exams.
This miss needs you to learn just for the sake of learning.
Do me a favor and ask yourselves-
Why do you lose grades on tests or essays?
You will realize:
You won’t learn if
you’re perfect.
Because I hate to break it to you dear, but
mistakes are opportune.
Mistakes are worthy of respect.

In a world where information is available at a touch,
teachers seem irrelevant, and they seem unnecessary.
Teachers are outdated.
Why have someone guide you on how to learn something when
Youtube can show you a quick video
Or wiki-how can illustrate lists of how-to’s?
In a world where information is available at a touch
I ask you this:
When was the last time your computers made you feel cared for?
Or the last time your tablets gave you a hug when you were down?

In a world where information is available at a touch
classrooms have turned into arenas.
Where blood must be shed-
Gloves on,
Cling Cling Cling
In one corner, we have a passionate mentor thirsty to pound some knowledge.
And in the other corner, we have a swarm of teenagers, who care more about random letters than they do their minds.
As teachers,
we must fight to plant seeds of knowledge.
We must claw our way into your brains to create thinkers.
We must combat your laziness,
your pride,
your arrogance,
and to top it off,
we must fight to prove to you
that we are essential.

The institute of education has now
turned our students into
people who work for a percentage
to tell them how smart they are.
This same percentage will then go on to haunt them for the rest of their lives
because students don’t understand that
school does not make or unmake you.
You make and unmake you.

As teachers,
we want you to:
Learn for the sake of learning.
Live to learn about this world
and live to change it.
Learn to love this world,
and learn to love yourselves
without pieces of paper telling you your self worth.
As teachers,
we want you to:
Create your own self worth by reading,
by writing,
and by inspiring others.

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