Seeds by Toby Al R

When I look into your blue eyes
I surrender and extend my arms
For you to shackle with your chains
To entomb me in your red room
You enter your domain veiled with your disguise
Your arcane energy numbs my senses
And ignites the candles with a pinkish flame
I don’t even know your name
But I choose to worship you for a day
I see myself from afar, kneeling to your kingdom
Although your entire world is inside my soul
For I am one with the universe
You can have my flesh and bones
Before I perish into dust
Before time washes me away with a gust
Inside your eyes I search for borders
I submit to the darkness as you perform your rituals
On the concrete dais of your magisterial holiness
My devotion to your infliction
A sacrifice to your affection
The shadowy seeds consumes my body
But only then my radiant soul survives
I am a slave to your ivory cage
I am an emperor of my own
Your little ruby room is inside my empire
You burn me but I blaze the fire
You control me but I control your world
I worship you, but you call me; my lord
Go ahead rip my heart and tear me apart
I am all yours… but only for one day
Because I am happier in the darkness
I see clearer with closed eyes
You touch my face and fracture a rapture
That swallows me into the purple light
You ruin my darkness with colors
As you plant your rainbow seeds
I lose control and give you my all
For you to harvest my dimmed soul.

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