Melancholy by Nouf

The sun has risen with some tears falling down from the sky to touch my window. I started to confuse them with the ones falling from my eyes.
I immediately knew that today would be the day I search for the black items in my closet. As the darkness in front of my eyes, I can’t see anything but blackness overtaking my light, blackness overtaking my existence and sight. 
Out of the window, I saw my spirit drifting through the grey clouds. Maybe it couldn’t take the despair which was living as a huge pond inside?
It was speaking from above: Oh world, don’t you shame me for my sadness, don’t you start denying it in you, or me. In a world where it’s  preferable to see the faces of the broken hearts with smiles, I’ll love my grief. I’ll love it until it loves me back and may leave. And you dear world, all you did was put expectations upon us and feed us greed. Your greed, which let us hate ourselves, believing if we did so, our success will exceed.
In a world which loves happiness, yet provides us with all kinds of despair to grow as seeds, I’ll keep my grief. And no, I’m not a joke because I let myself feel. Stop trying to interfere with my mind with your fear of fear. When you remember me lowering my wings to let others step on, for I thought with Utopia, they too had wild dreams.
And you keep convincing yourself of my hypocrisy, every time you hear the word God from me. But now I’m giving up to be understood, I’ll leave you with what you deem. And put the shame you’re imposing aside, for all you are doing is just projecting your fraud.
But know that you can always break my wings, and in my soul you can leave a breach.  Apathy is a state I can never let myself reach.
Now I’m coming back to my place to wear black clothes, and with my broken dreams, I’ll just have a day of grief.

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