Melancholy by Toby Al-R

I took a pause and thought about the idea of depression, but I swiftly came to the conclusion that I and the idea are mutually divorced. I found inner peace long ago and I can’t seem to even remotely relate.

So I sat on my wooden mahogany desk, while resting my chin on my interlocked fingers; staring at a small statue of a stony Socrates face. It gazed back at me with its devious eyes and emitted to my mind gloomy visions of futuristic epochs. I travelled through time and started to imagine a world where the battle of Armageddon finally ignited, biohazard, nuclear bombs and mass destruction;

All animals were extinct.

The majority of plants withered and decayed, leaving the remaining precious seeds to be monopolized by the richest Elites, whom gloriously ruled the underground Empire.

Salad became the imperial dish!

Earthworms and maggots are the only nourishment for the lower class.

Reprehensibly murder and cannibalism became a daily activity, they however used the best of their minds to induce their fabricated concealment of ritual nonsense and then call it sacrifice.

The surface of Earth is now grey, the sky is dark brown and the sun is a faint shadow of a purple void. The climate is fucked and the atmosphere is gaseous with poisonous germs. Thousands of lightning bolts strikes the ground every 22 seconds and acid rains comes showering down every 2 days.

In the seven seas; fish still exist. But they are all infected with fish flu!

We humans, the saddest creatures, now live underground masked with breathing apparatuses.

Ruled and controlled by machines, all we do is dig tunnels and build more machines to keep controlling us. When the season of despair comes; we line up and wait for them to harvest our children’s brains, to dissolve them into some sort of juice to fuel their engines.

Those of us who are rebellious dug the opposite way in hope of finding the promised salvation of the prophecy, only to end up melting in a reservoir of molten lava.

But we have faith in the surface insects!

They are slowly drilling down to invade our tunnels and bring an end to the mechanic era and the life of misery. Insects have been exposed to radiation; which sparked a strange mutation and now their size is quadrupled, their level of intelligence exceeds the average miserable human… Imagine that!

They come geared with spiky limbs and colorful exoskeleton armors, ready to take over!

Legend has it; that this planet was once green with magisterial beauty. Trees, waterfalls, rivers, flying birds, bright sun, clouds and occasional rainbows. Could it be? it is only a myth?

I was suddenly revived from this hellish nightmare, and I couldn’t help but edge a smile on my face. Judging by the path we are taking; it is not hard to imagine the depressive future of this lowly planet.

On a brighter tone… at least you will be most likely DEAD by the time this happens.

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