Lipstick by Toby Al-R

In my balcony
Overlooking the haunted boulevard
I picnic my eyes
Into your curtain-less window
To watch you try on different wigs
Colorful like a splashing rainbow
Web tights hugging your luminescent skin
You pose in front of a mirror
Then slash those murky and sharp eye liner
Like Egyptian ceremonial daggers
Held by fingers with polished fingernails
Flared with audacity
Ripped jeans matching color
With your glorious…
Lipstick… tock tick tock
When are we going to kiss?
I know you can see me
A reflection on your crystal ball
You move your blue lips
And send a silent choir
Asking me; when are we going to kiss?
Time is passing by
Life is running by
And all we do is wait
Wait until we say it is too late
I don’t mean to stalk
I don’t want us to talk
Just wink to me
When are we going to kiss?
Time is money
And your lipstick… tock tick tock
Are proving to be…
Very expensive to ignite.

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