Traitor by Hawra’a Khalfan

Take the care I had for you,
exhale in a balloon made up of your deepest hopes,
and burst it with my bare teeth.

Take all the thoughts I had about you,
all the moments I wasted with you jolting recklessly into my mind
at all odd hours of the day,
and charge them into that abyss you seem to be living in. 

I want to wreck you.

Shatter you.

Power over your stubbornness.
until you’re unable of ever going a day
without regretting
how you crumbled us up with your bare hands
crushing our dreams
with casual routine.

I would have loved you,
had you let me
I would have loved you
had you….
I would have shaken you awake,
because darling,
no amount of water would have put out our blaze.

Take all the moments you stole from me,
and blend them with the repulsed feeling I get when I remember your face,
and walk away

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