Traitor by Layla

Cold stinging winters;
I no longer feel you,
you no longer bother me,
not in the same way that you used to.
My skin has turned thick,
my heart has hardened by what has become.
I no longer feel pain,
I no longer feel anything towards you.

Cold stinging winters,
before you there were autumn winds,
they broke the branches,
they betrayed the trees.
The warmth slowly descended from my body.
Leaving nothing but a cold-blooded being,

just being.

Spring was said to come,
they said flowers were to bloom.
That life was to start over,
flourishing in existence.
Sun rays of sunshine,
vivid colors of life,
and lingering droplets on fresh green leaves.

I just question if it will find me here,
if the warmth will fill the room.

Strange how people change like the seasons do.
Strange how others betray others like autumn winds betrayed the branches,
the branches of which then stood strong in the face of the winds,
of which those flowers blossomed and grew.

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