Traitor by Manasi

Gather me in your wings,
your feathers of power.
Fly me across the mist,
your curtains of enamour.
Glide me across your seas,
your oceans of splendor.
We walk hand in hand,
you and I.

Shield me from the hailstorm of your creation,
show me the breath-‘taking’ (no, breath – stealing) rainbow created
when you
smashed a thousand ‘disposable’ water droplets
for your amusement.

We’ll move along the desert plains and
I’ll help you across the tundra.
The forbidding water will part
to create a path, unwavering in its stability.
When it gathers us to the sky,
we won’t fall as my magic carpet will be ready.
You chuckle – you never had one ready
when you took an old friend here.

But when we reach the mountain peak,
and you stumble across my magic carpet,
I’ll let go of your hand
in a flying kiss –
a tribute to your invaluable mentorship.

I wonder why
my insides fill with grotesque joy
as I see you internally wrecking, falling in turmoil.
Isn’t it surprising how we morph from
amiable beings to ruthless –
I’m sorry.
Concealer – heavy diplomats.

You’ve been reduced to prey my friend,
falling to your predator.
You taught me, and I took your traits, traitor.

A hailstorm falls, and a rainbow shimmers.
It’s not yours now,
it’s mine.

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