Traitor by Toby Al-R

In the hallway of time, that leads to the forbidden chamber of memories
I stand immobilized with my feet glued onto the polished tiles
The light recedes for the nightmares to invade the place like a group of mercenaries
The walls turn black, I stand like a shadow inside the darkness.
I merge with the nothingness
My feet crumble underneath me, I fall… 
Into a field of dead snow; covering a grey grass with fractured leaves
Where trees are growing upside down
Their roots are performing an acrobatic dance in the dimmed sky
They curl and swirl above my eyes, they cuddle and struggle then drop a broken twig
Or is it?
It is moving… could it be a slug?
Leaving behind it a trail of slime
Of all the unworthiness it contained, it pulls its body, drags its burden and attempts to leave the field of dead snow
Seeking new horizons, perhaps a stairway to the lands beyond reality
But it is cold… cold enough to crack the ground open and swallow you into a tunnel leading to a lower level
Of layer beyond layer of charcoaled burnt ashes of forgotten words, names, faces and moments
The dusty smell ignites your senses, like a resurrection of the dead. Your dead heart-
And just before the complete surrender, to the dull emptiness… the slug grew wings
Not any wings… but colorful ones
It shifted itself into a butterfly
Leading behind it a silky wave of joy
It slowly wrapped me up like a mummy in a beautiful coffin
I opened my eyes again to the sound of the whispering slug
“You promised to never look back into the wasted past, you promised me to never betray your vow!”
I look at the vastness of the place I have been taken to, at the magnificent landscape hungrily waiting for me…
I then gently lean down and reply; “never again will I be a traitor.”

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