Book by Toby Al-R

I open my eye lids like a fortress gate
For you to step in the orthogonal domain
And discover the labyrinth of my mind
Please don’t be afraid and make yourself at home
The home of madness, the sanctuary of centuries
Come in, into the paradigm changing paradise
Into the molecules shattering asylum
I understand the utter weirdness of the place
It is like entering a bazaar of bizarre buzzards
Gibbering spontaneous intuitions
Refining the corrupted hierarchy of humanity
A place to unleash your inner astronaut
Into channelled dimensions of empowering forces
The more you break through, the stranger it gets
You will meet the minions of dominion
Communion of rebellion, drawing you on the walls
Welcoming you with self-propelling flowers
With petals of butterflies’ wings
Offering you self-pealing diamonds’ bananas
Exploding golden silver beams
To glimmer the place with pinkish radiance
Where you can drink the nectar of life
Drippling from the fingertips of a flying mermaid
An antidote of reality, crystalizing the truth
Now that you have seen my third eye
I will write your name in my secret book.

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