Box by Bader A. Shehab

January 24, 1991 – Iraq

Chris: We should probably box-round the enemy base.

Andy: I’ve had recon on them for the last 12-hours we can go through no harm.

Chris: We’re just a few hundred kilometers away from Kuwait, I think it’s worth it if we box-round this base.

Andy: Chris, the base is badly monitored, half shifts on infantry, and the ground defence has been inactive since that scud missile hit Israel, this whole operation Desert Storm is complete garbage. 

Chris: Hereford is asking for full caution at all times, regardless of intel, I know the war is almost over but we have got to cross to the Kuwaiti border even if it means box-rounding 500-kilometers more.

Andy: And all I’m asking for is common sense, on what logic are we to hit high desert at subzero degrees with hardly any rations left? When we are only a stone’s throw away from the UN green zone.

Chris: On the logic that we are to defend Kuwait and not risk alarming this enemy base that is basically a backdoor to the border. Please comply, that is an order; we will box-round the enemy base.

Andy: If intelligence says this area is fine, then I am going through, Kuwait is literally right there and it’s a green zone. I can see the burning oil dumps, I am not taking any unnecessary “precautions”.

Chris: No precaution is unnecessary! Stand down, soldier!

Andy: Who dares wins, aye Chris?

Chris: I said stand down, or…

Andy: Or what, Sergeant? Huh! This whole operation was a load o’ bollocks right from the start, you and I know it! Our comms went down 48-hours ago, we got seperated from the rest of the team because of bad weather which intel never informed us of, and the whole war is fucking over. The Americans are pulling out, for fuck’s sake the UN are at the border crossing!

Chris: And you’d like to make it any worse by walking through the base or sneaking by the fence. Then be my guest if you get shot at or captured… This isn’t how SAS go about operating.

Andy: Oh give me a break Chris, you and your special operations manual propaganda bullcrap, save it for the rest of the team who are probably lost out in the desert.

Chris: They are fully-equipped and trained men, they will manage, but right now it’s you and I, or if you’d like it to be; you or I. This is the last time I ask of you to comply, going to radio-in our locations. We are heading North from our current position to the Safwan area, and from there we will meet with allied forces, then head East to Kuwait, and I promise you we’ll head home after that.

Andy: You’ve got your thumb up your arse, Chris…

Chris: Do it for Kuwait, Andy.

Andy: It’s not even my country.

Chris: But it’s your pay day.

Andy: And what if Saddam takes her?

Chris: Not on my watch he won’t, not on the NATO’s watch, or the US’s.

Andy: Oh you hero you, defending a country that’s not even yours. Haha!

Chris: Let’s move, do your job!

Andy: Fine, you sad sob…


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