Box by Hawra’a Khalfan

Boxed in an alternate reality

clouded by truth and insecurities

in love with a notion of freedom

that I will never be accustomed to having

shackled to a world of the dominating

fighting and screaming to leave

to shatter it all; 

and live,

and breathe,

and love,

and exist.

Boxed in a world of don’ts

a world of no’s

a world of must-not’s

lusting over mischief

with an appetite for my own self-destruction

craving life

and an exhilarating breath

craving a love that will knock me out of everything I know

craving a meaningful existence.

And no matter how many traditions I desolately stampede,

I am expected to abide, unshaken.

I am expected to feel grateful it’s not worse.

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