Home by Layla

I’m cold
I’m reckless
I’m homeless
I don’t feel, when I bruise them
I don’t care, when I hurt them
I walk alone, I fly solo
I’m cold, careless, reckless 
I have nothing to lose, nothing to gain
I put a mask on to get through people
I put a mask on so I don’t get questioned
I’m not broken, the flame just died out in me
And I am cold and senseless.
Something died in me. A long time ago.
I truly believed nothing can revive me
I heard a shout, of my name
Just as I was closing the door
Someone decided to seek me
Someone decided to step in
Someone decided to join me
To feel me, to hear me, to see me
The mask was slowly lifted
A spark was lit
Something in me was awakened
I’m still careless, but I feel
For him who entered
For him who stepped in
For him who joined me
I care, just enough to hold him
Just enough to call him home
Just enough to rest
I love, oh how I love
Just enough to be broken again
Just enough to be cold and frozen again
I have everything to lose, and I’m not afraid
Because either way, feeling and not feeling
Are equally satisfying.

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