Home by Toby Al-R

Stars burst, minds blown
The bizarre disparity of this virtual reality
How did we manage to demolish humanity?
With barbed ideologies and peculiar stupidity
Hatching the egg of illusions
A splendid demonstration of failure
Worthy of a gilded medal
The alienation is successful 
The smashing of individuality
Under the feet of culture’s footmen
Institutions and theocratic spears
Piercing deep the seeds of fears
We are all forced into a test
That is deemed to fail
We all think we understand
The unimaginable, the indescribable
As we take down the steps of chaos
A slow down glide into the ditch
The depth of the abyss
And once we cut through the blinding veil
And witness the backfire of darkness
The one history spent decades conjuring
A flashback of images will haunt our eyes
As the wheel of time loses its momentum
In an unreversed direction
Heading straight into a cosmic drama
Hearing the invisible mouth
Speaking pompous and posthumous words
Slicing the drums of our ears
How did we manage to accept this path?
Of a total destruction to our only home
Why are we too polite and obedient?
Why do we line up in this toxic corridor?
And willingly shackle ourselves
With anti-human chains
On a platform so odiously
And clearly intellectually bankrupt
The roots of our home are deteriorating
In the swamp of greed and decay
The one we all happily produced
With the bulkiness of our melted ego
The inevitable is undeniable
Unless we reignite the engine of consciousness
The home will collapse.

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