Terminal by Fatma AlSumaiti

You were limbo

I knew you but I didn’t

Our kisses were glimpses of an unforeseen death

Oh, by I saw it

I smelled it on your sweat as it dried up on my chest

I touched it on your face just before I scratched it bloody 

You were a terminal

Known but so unknown

A gateway to hell

And passage to my own destruction

You killed me

I killed me

I held your neck and sucked you dry

Oh, but it was me who was bleeding

Blood drops slowly made their way out of every patch of skin you kissed

Out of my eyes that you looked so deeply into

Out of the words you tightly sheathed and held close to your heart

Were they my eyes that you were looking into?

Was my blood laced with memories of her?

Were my claws too sharp for your skin to bare?

You and your armor

Me and my naked heart

I screamed for you to listen

Bit your ears off for they might have been faulty

Banged my fists against the walls, the floors the ceiling, YOUR ARMOR

Only to find bloody pieces of me hanging from every corner of this cell

My skin, my eyes, my lungs and my fingertips

Have them them for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Savour my blood

And i hope to some existing god that I will be that stubborn piece of flesh stuck between your teeth

And then tell me, how your armor protected you from the inebriation of my love

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