Jay by Layla



Another table to be served

Will they look me in my eyes this time around?

If I act nice will I get a better tip?

Does it even matter?

It will matter when the rent needs to be paid, what am I talking about. 

I need to get out, why am I here.

Why am I doing this? . . .

I need to get out.

How did I get here, waiting tables?

This is not me. I don’t feel like me.

I need a smoke. Just one more. Last one.

Who am I kidding it’s just the first of many.

Here I go again. Chain smoking.

I thought I’d quit. This. Just one more puff.

I thought I’d quit. This job. What’s holding me back?

I can do more. I’m better than this.

I’m smart. Why am I still here?

I need to get out.

Something is missing. I feel lonely.

I need a man. Maybe that will change my life.

What if he leaves? What if I do?

I need to get out.

I need to get out of this job. I need to get out of this city.

I need to get out of this mind. I need to get out.

I just need to get out.

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