Jay by Toby Al-R

“J” stands for joy, and joy is the judge and jury to deliver justice. She is the waitress of the Mastermind.

She serves him knowledge and wisdom as she blends information in the carousel of dead horses, running in a vicious circle. The Mastermind resides in a crusted medieval fortress with a gate of raven wings and walls of shady skulls, a mosaic of death seeking to bring life to the lifeless surroundings.

Like a parasite of truth plaguing a land of lies to remove the masks from the dull headed faces. 

“Jay what is the cauldron of life is offering today?”
“Regardless… get me my knife and fork.”

The Mastermind is always hungry for more, and Jay is always ready to mother and smother. She learned how to access the tree of knowledge through pain and hardship.

“You won’t need knife and fork for this cluster, Mastermind.”

Everything is in a process of change, and nothing lasts.

Life is a journey into the unknown.

And understanding things backward is the only way forward.

“Hmm bittersweet, nevertheless… tasty. Have a seat jay…”
“I never really questioned; who you really are?”

“Me? I am… an idea. That ignites your senses, I am your curiosity, your closed doors, your fantasy, your dreams and your imaginations. I am your pointless fears, your source of courage, your insanity and audacity. I am the volcano boiling your blood, the furnace blasting your head. I am your immemorial memories, your sexual desires. I am your remedy, your white noises, your endless thoughts, your companion of the dark nights, your acquaintance of the lonely ones too. I gave birth to your instincts, I sparked your tunnels, I tasted your tears and sang your laughter. I am your soul, your hunger for more.
I am your Waitress.”


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