Jay by Fatma AlSumaiti

It was a night of silent darkness.  I closed up the café and headed towards the bar where he’s waiting for me.  The full moon looked suspiciously bright that night.  I didn’t know if it’s because of the overwhelming darkness that surrounded my aura, or if it’s shining bright to juxtapose the reality of my intentions. My senses were heightened.  Surroundings amplified.  My sure stride seemed to lose its balance. Then again, maybe it’s all in my head. 


It took what seemed like years for me to get there.  He was sitting by the exit, as if knowing he’d need to run.  I sat across from him and said nothing.  He looked at me with infatuation.  With fear.  With certainty.  The past 6 months were a splendor of good food and intoxicating euphoria.  All of which have been in preparation for that night.  I extended my hand to him in a gesture to leave that place.  Hand in hand we walked hungry with anticipation.


The sun shone the next morning with incredible warmth.  I was satisfied.  I drank my coffee as I examined the room with amused eyes.  Maybe next time I won’t use a saw.

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