Voiceless by Toby Al-R

To all the voiceless out there, I am not here to give you a voice, let’s get that right, it doesn’t trouble me to confess that I don’t care enough.

I am however inclined with a transcendent tendency to assuage and calm the entry of the Trojan horse into the gate.

I feel like I should say this; 

It is more for my ears than yours,

That I have reached a conclusion; through skepticism, reason, rationalism and brain drilling arguments, that we all are… freaks in a freak show.

So embrace yourselves and raise your glass and I will be the first raise mine.

To all the voiceless bullied out there, enchant your minds with the realization that your bullies are victims of their unhappiness and unsatisfactory incompleteness. But if you don’t want to build their castles with your rubbles, then just smack the twat in the head. You will be surprised of the outcome and their hesitation to bully you again.

To all the shy and voiceless nerds and geeks out there, keep wearing your mystic cloaks and use your kukri daggers to plunder pouches of gold coins so you can purchase potions of health in your journey to defeat the gargantuan sea urchin lurking in the hidden swamp, in order to access the next level of whatever the fuck is your quest… keep living there, trust me it is a better world than the one we live in.

To all the dying out there… well, I guess we all are going to follow you sooner or later. Make the most of today, and hey! No one really knows what happen when the game is over, right?

To all the rejected and voiceless homosexuals, for one thing; statistically you are more elegant, good looking, organized and creative. Secondly; you are secretly doing humanity a favor in balancing the planet’s population. So keep splashing your colors, you are the Knights of nature whom swore an oath not to over populate a dying planet.

To the voiceless depressed and suicidal, it is a mistake that is commonly made to think that what you are feeling today is necessarily going to be the same feelings you will have in the near or far future, stay tuned and be positive, you never know what will happen! But if you insist to die… then refer to category 3!

To the voiceless insecure and lonely ones, trust me; there is no better company than yourself. I am always alone and never lonely. Imagination is far more entertaining than any conversation you might have, discover your endless maze of your mind. This life is a mysterious puzzle box, shuffle the pieces, free a bird, feed a puppy, count the stars, color a butterfly wings, collect seashells, plant a tree, and keep chasing that one look she gave to you near a grocery store. Never make the mistake to be insecure, as we are all strange, different, grotesque, odd and bizarre in one way or another… but believe in yourself and you will perform miracles… I personally moved three mountains and caught a shooting star, but all of this is irrelevant to you, because this life is a self-journey, and we all are freaks in a freak show.

After all, if you still can’t find your voice, then… trying drinking water.

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