Aftertaste by Kawther AlBader

Do not date a doctor
When you tell him “I still like you”
the first words out of his mouth will be

How much are you feeling?
When did it start? 

& with a sigh of relief he will rule out
what he feared the most
he puts on a glove
“You displayed some symptoms
but at least it’s not… that”

To try to relieve you
he will treat you
with ice
he will treat you
like shit
he will treat you
he will treat you
he will treat you

Be my vaccine
Inject yourself flaws first into my life
we mesh and mix and merge but
we are not the same blood

Let him go
he swore to
take care of everyone
but himself

Let him go
he promised to put everyone first
but you
That is all he knows
& you should know this too

but you
but you
how you wish you
were that girl lying on a bed
the aftertaste of a popsicle stick still in your throat
if only to feel his palm once more over your chest
if only to feel his hand once again on yours
if only so he can hear your pulse when he asks
“where else does it hurt today?”

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