Aftertaste by Mariam AlMutairi

The light shines through her eyes like stardust guiding the way to heaven,
She breathes to the sound of his heartbeat and everything dances in harmony when their hands clasps
She remembers how she used to be: a sweet loving girl, but now she turned into a reflection of who he is, and that made her feel safe;
If he left one day, she’ll still have him inside. 

She woke up one day to the sound of gunfire on an empty bed. She grabbed her nightgown and her gun. She paced down the stairs then stopped to the sight of her reflection on the mirror. A brown gown made to cuddle her dark black skin. She squinted her eyes to find the skin she proudly let him admire, but the crack on her body where he touched her turned her skin from black to blue. She stared at the gun while it slipped through her crooked hand and smiled.
What has become of me, she wondered.
A girl with a dream to become his shadow, a doll waiting for a child to play with.

She lost the meaning of her heart as she sank into his body like a lost shadow in the night finally finding a human replica.
Her dreams changed to whatever he wanted her to be. Her dream was to be good enough of a mother to his children.
She stared at the mirror to her black figure, and let her hand roam the bruises he mapped around her body
I’m better than this, she scolded him in her head.
I’m better than this, she repeated with every step she took down the stairs
I’m better than this, she yelled as she opened the door and never returned.

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