Higher Power by Khuloud Hussain

She found herself crippled near the pits of hell
a profound abyss she conjured for herself
a hollow void where oblivion transcends
as melancholy deluges her soul & ascends
losing all forms of hope, she pondered
perhaps to leap through life is to be faltered
the wire was far more worn out either way
and her apathy wasn’t a misnomer but a dismay 

She found herself weeping for comfort, for solace
all alone, solitude fed upon her now dead promise
and in the mid of her sincere torment and anguish
a call she discerns and beliefs of travesty vanquish
leisurely and gradually, she smears away her tears
pacing, a remembrance of faith fall into flares
the heathens that once were are not anymore
and recalling a greater power blossomed her core

She found an abundance of peace & clarity
as the Merciful & the Glorious became her therapy
and though it only ever lasted for so long
amid it all, she found in Him a place to belong

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