Higher Power by Menasi

I cannot help but wonder
What kind of film would develop
if he were to see us
everytime we uttered his name.

Would he see
Desperation, or hope?
Destruction and disparities?
Because of the politics that flawed the
mankind he created – 
In a horror movie of bombs, barricades,
he brought evolution and natural selection
But in an age of consumerism, of neuroterrorism,
Dopamine and serotonin,
we don’t buy basic biology –
in fact, even history doesn’t sell –
“Mein kampf” has been adapted into a string
of live documentaries,
“Animal Farm” isn’t far behind
while “Lords of Finance” reigns evil in the
sorrow of those calling out yet another
Great Depression.

Oh god.
Sorry about the lack of genres.
Us millennials are here to save you
from the dismal, apocalyptic film you watch,
Lighten up to a rom-com as we
say your name in vain.
Roll your eyes at yet another stereotypical
mean girl.
Watch our texts, read our
“Oh My God you are the prettiest ever” comments
then listen to us use your name to backstab.

And Heaven? Is the physics of it relative to
the speed of the development of
members of our species?
We talk about spirituality, minimalism and more,
but even us glorious beings are not immune to romanticism.
We are the fish that stubbornly stick to water,
Unable to explore the rainforests, oasis you created
for us.
For in an age of computer science, gills remain gills
and we are still unable to code them into
wings –
we are bound by our own securities and insecurities –
the finitudes and infinitudes of our own nature.

We are your missionaries surfing on the waves of chaos,
Hit the pause button because we are calling you
sincerely, this time.
Save us from drowning.

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