Higher Power by Toby Al-R


To wonder… is the central jewel of the crown.

One must admit that existence is quite strange, absurd! I must say.

What is it? To realize, we are roaming this planet, a blue sphere floating in the suburb of this galaxy amidst of billions of galaxies. 

A planet governed by the laws of nature, thermodynamics, gravity, frequencies and vibration.

The more you wonder, the more the underlying mystery expands. From the botanical world to the shape of insects, the fingerprints, the formation of mammalian bones, the bacterial mutation, the calcareous skeleton of the colorful corals, the eye combination, even a fuckin’ egg is impressive.

But compared to what? To our ability to create things? I wonder.

So you see… it doesn’t surprise me to see people following the idea of an intelligent design, the mystery is too advanced to crack even with our highly advanced brains, it is forever puzzling.
But then surely that intelligent design will require even more intelligence… to design.

The answer is no, the designer has always been there.

But then… as Carl Sagan once said “if you say the designer always existed, then you must be brave enough to say what if the universe always existed”. The idea is not contrary and we ran this loop only to end up where we started.
Things around us are so profoundly linked together, one must say there must be a bounding force behind all of this, Terrence Mckenna called it the transcendental object and George Carlin called it the big electron.

But then it is much easier to fall into the trap of ancient history; it claims that it received the answer, in a form of revelation… It is much more finely tuned, institutionalized and widely enforced through education, societies and cultural values. May the transcendental object have mercy upon the children; whom been terrified by the image of hellfire. Meanwhile I am more inclined to side step toward the big electron.

Because once you realize; things are the way they are to be able to be the way they are, your mind will be slightly at ease and in control. In other words; if space wasn’t dark, the stars won’t shine. If the sun wasn’t bright we’d all be blind, if water won’t evaporate at a certain temperature there won’t be rain and there won’t be life… etc., the examples around us are endless.

So you reach a point and say; everything is the way it is… to survive, but then why survive? Humans and animals go through some severe hardships and extreme measures in life, just to reproduce and survive. Some of them decide to suicide, a critical decision I must say… but then it makes me wonder; are there any recorded cases of animal suicide? Anyways…

Furthermore… and you stop and say; I think the biggest mistake that human ever did since the dawn of existence was; not that he invented answers to the question of existence… yet it was asking the question in the first place.

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