Higher Power by Fahd AlSaleh

Today I’ll be telling you the story of John. John is a newly graduated medical doctor. Like most say “Fresh Outside the Box”. He comes from a small conservative family. His father was factory worker but now retired and his mother never worked outside the house. He has always been the smartest child in his class and did very well in exams. Did so well that he got into one of the best medical schools in the country. All in all, life couldn’t get any better.

See, throughout his medical training while getting close and more accustomed to the human body, both living and dead, his core beliefs altered a little. As he saw his professors discuss the life of individuals and how they chose who lived and who did not he became intrigued. And later was drawn by its power. 

As soon as he graduated and started working he adopted a similar approach to his professors. To him there were no rules except his and what the medical counsel sees right. In the end, it is I the doctor who treats and preserves life, he thought.

Fast forward to January 2017. When John was meeting up with a few friends. They all went out for a nice dinner. On the way back, one of his friends was craving for something sweet and forced them all to visit a dessert place. Inside, while choosing they’re bad calories, a loud commotion was heard. They turned around to see an elderly woman gasping for air. Everybody was confused and panicked. John stood still frozen. He felt the nudge of one of his friends while he heard the other say “make way we have a doctor here”. John stepped up. He went closer. Quickly asked what happened and a young woman, presumably her daughter, said she’s choking on some food. He quickly went to her mother and started jabbing her on the back. Between her shoulder blades. One, two, three, four… He couldn’t remember what the books said on how many jabs. He peeked up front and saw her turning blue. He panicked. He quickly wrapped his arms around her stomach and quickly started to squeeze. One, two, three, four… Again, he didn’t know how many times and what scared him more is that he didn’t know what to do next. He peeked again and saw her even more blue. At this moment, time stood still. All that he can feel was the sweat that’s dripping down his forehead. He remembered what his mother used to tell him if he ever got stuck. “Believe, and your path shall be paved”. He looked up and said himself “Please I need help”. With all his strength, he gave his fifth and final squeeze. Whatever was blocking her airway came out flying. She started to take in deep breaths and slowly became pink again. He rested her on the ground. She grasped his arm and said “You are an angel sent down from the heavens”

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