Higher Power by Hasan Al-Hamadi

I was watching the cursor on my phone screen blinking in a rhythm so perfect, more accurate than a young athlete heart beat, and then I asked my self; who gave that cursor a “soul”? The answer is simple; it is a collection of machine code and electricity running through electronics. No power no beats. Soon after, my phone sent it’s dying well “I only have 10% left in me, I pray for you to save me” my phone was silently praying for a higher power to grant life, to save that soul, to keep that perfect rhythm. 

Honestly, It felt good to be a higher power, to be prayed for, and answering those prayers with joy. And then I commanded it to answer this question, I was asking in a loud deep voice “what is a higher power”, a nice feminine voice I decided to call SIRI answered, “The term was introduced in 1930 as part of the Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) 12 step program” then I thought, be as it may, I firmly believe that this notion is as old as any intelligent being ever lived, whether on this earth or anywhere in this vast universe.

My phone was helpless when it was praying; it did all it could to preserve energy, such as controlling the brightness of screen, shutting down unnecessary applications, and hibernating when possible. However at the end it realized that it needs a help that is beyond its capacity, it would send these messages regardless if someone is there to listen, it was a hope, a dying wish, a dispirit call.

I personally believe that the capacity of the core intellect of any being including humans governs the need or believe of higher power existence. Whether you are a simple person, raised on certain ideology or a philosopher, scientist or even a dreamer, there are certain questions that require answer and normally the brain is the judge and jury in that matter.

For example, if oxygen was suppressed from the healthy John Doe, we all agree that he will die, and almost all doctors and scientists would report that the cause of death is lack of oxygen. I also believe that most would agree that all organs are intact and can function perfectly despite of John’s death. He would be the perfect organ donor too. Now, as soon as he was pronounced dead, if he was given all the oxygen he needs, would it bring him back from death? Up to my humble knowledge No. Therefore, to me either the cause of death was not lack of oxygen, or we simply do not know what kept him alive.

Humans are interesting beings; we tend to create terms and interesting names for the things we know nothing or so little about such as soul. Many would argue including “siri” that we all know what a soul is, it is almost in all love songs and flirting phrases, it is in every religious teaching, it is regarded as the most precious of all. And it could be the root cause of John’s death. Would it not be great if we could bring it back to John? Can we? I believe there are 2 answers to this question, we either do not know yet, and science would evolve in a way that we would. Or it is a divine thing, which is beyond our reach, beyond our power, beyond our grasp. Either answer or direction we wish to believe it would surly shows our weakness in this matter, so who has the answer?

I decided to ask SIRI since it seem knowledgeable and has access to documents and libraries beyond imagination, I asked her “who created you” she answered with pride “my company” then I challenged her with another query, “I found an exact same device in the desert, and it was created by mother nature, no man was involved”, she started accusing me of violating her companies intellectual property and finally labeled insanity over my thought. Then I begged her for a last question, “you think I am insane to claim a phone was found in the desert without a creator, and who claim that all beings in this universe was a coincidental evolution of something, is a theory holder?” I do believe that those theories are based on reason and logic; however, they could not explain or find reason or logic beyond that “spark” or that something that started life and where it came from.

Since there was a recorded history, humans craved and believed in higher power, sometimes in a form of another human, symbol, or divine being that cannot be seen. I believe that the vast majority of people believe in a higher power, the difference is, whether this higher power is working in their interest, according to their understanding, do they know the so called “mysterious way”, do they trust, or much more appropriately do they believe? Some lose faith because the same brain that led them to its existence fails to comprehend its actions.

What I am trying to say is, next time my phone pray for energy, I might deny its request for I have other devices that require that power, I could need it for my GPS because I am lost in the see, or my light to see in the dark, or I need that power for a life support machine attached to someone I love, would my phone keep its faith in me as higher power, even if its prayer is not answered?

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