Maze by Fahd AlSaleh

I have lived many lifetimes. More than I could count. I remember once I was a frog leaping in fear trying to avoid the incoming traffic. I remember being lost in a maze of hallways looking for something to eat while being chased by the ghosts of my past. I remember running faster than the speed of light back and forth and upside down all to save animals from experimentation. I remember eating psychedelic mushrooms on a long journey through many kingdoms trying to save my princess. I remember an old man telling me that the outside world is filled with dangers and gave his only item of value, his sword. I remember the laughing dog that drove me insane. I remember training my pets to become the ultimate fighting machines. I remember once I was a builder stacking perfectly the limitless wall to no avail. I remember infiltrating the enemy’s stronghold and preventing all out nuclear war. I remember once was a son to an evil father and another time I was a father who’s lost his daughter in the mist. I remember finding a secluded mansion in the forest that harboured many evils. I remember all those tombs that were filled with great treasures and even greater dangers. I remember I was a crazy driver cutting corners just to get people to their destination in time. I remember facing the gods and triumphing. I remember turning back time to save my kingdom. I remember being a child kidnapped and turned into a weapon of evil just to be mankind’s salvation when the others came. I remember living in cities below the ocean and on islands flying above the clouds. I remember being a gangster seeking redemption for my wife and son. I remember being an FBI agent trying to solve the ultimate crime. I remember being the captain of a group degenerates and criminals embarking on a suicide mission to save life as we know it. I remember being drawn to the ultimate treasure only to realise that the greatest treasure was the brother that was standing next to me. I remember condemning humanity to live in sickness because I couldn’t part away from someone I loved. I lived all these lives and many more. See, I am a gamer not because I don’t have a life. But choose to have many. *

*A saying among gamers online, origin is unknown

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