Maze by Toby Al-R

I never really cared what people think of me, I follow the idea that it is none of my business.

It gives me confidence, because life with no confidence is a robbed one.

And perhaps not to sound conceited, but I strongly believe that the majority of people are stupid.

It is not their fault, it is not some genetic error. The system we live in doesn’t offer plenty of opportunities for individuals to have the correct motivational values, to journey to different cultures, to accept our diversity as a specie.
No, it is all shackled by barbed chains of restricted ideologies, nothing is emergent anymore, everything is an establishment. 

A factory manufacturing robots for economical competitions. Lands are bordered, oceans and seas are controlled, and everything is tagged, labelled and legislated.

The hell with it!

I don’t mind a controlled system running in order, so long it is a balanced one. Having more food being trashed as “expired” than the food being eaten, while there are millions of starving out there that doesn’t have the purchasing power… is simply out of order.

Okay! Relax… this path is infested with numbing thorns, let’s take another one.

So then, if I am not mistaken; this one leads to the chamber of forgotten archives, and within you may find the secret of life written in a sacred scroll.

It reads; the secret of life is to realize that it is a game. However! The important part of this secret is… to also somehow find enough enthusiasm to play that game.

Because to fully realize that it is a game may result in disheartening consequences. It is like knowing the future… no one wants that, because it will be like the past… you already have it.

So then can you master that technique of knowing that it is a game then deliberately forgetting that it is game so you can enjoy playing it while maintaining to remember that it is game?

See that is why I tend to lock this door behind me as I take another path while keeping the key in my pocket.

Hold my hand… this one is a little bit whimsical. Centered by an altar with a scale carrying a dragon and a phoenix eggs. In here I fight krakens, ghouls, golems, titans, cyclopes, griffins, satyrs, elves, gnomes, fiends, harpies, chimeras, gorgons, centaurs, minotaurs, hydras, djinns, manticores and ogres.

In here I summon my army; a legion of golden guardians with glorious shields and diamond swords. The epic battles are all documented in the history of my imaginations.

Pretty chaotic isn’t it? To the left side; this path also leads to a warzone, but in a different way.

The magisterial platform is floating on lava, it is made of red concrete… and in here I perform the dance of demise. Dim the candles and pay respect to the rituals, the unconquerable souls are about surrender to the gods of love.

Actually just to share with you, this platform sustained only one dance, it had been forsaken long ago and the layers of dust already covered the concrete. But the moves of this dance may forever be intact to the veins of my fragile heart.

One hand around the skinny waist, the other one slashing lines between the hair. Chest to chest sending tectonic shocks to the molten surroundings. Eye to eye unsealing the gates to the heavens and beyond.

Enough! Do not disturb the dust now… let’s move on to the path in the right side.

Well… this door leads to a library of everything I read, wrote and seen. All stacked on shelves made of teeth. Teeth that are never satisfied and always hungry for more knowledge and wisdom.

I don’t suggest we go inside… the first footstep will give birth to a tornado, the books will fly and hurl down rains of fire mixed with icy blizzards. Let’s just keep the door shut and give time for the teeth to digest, the contents within are overloading.
Furthermore this detour; the carpeted path will get you to an artistic gallery, it is emerging from a lake and under colorful color-falls.

Inside; the walls are canvased and ready to embrace the sliver feather. Immerse its tip in ink, it is made of wine, let’s unleash the frenzy of the drunkard artist. Every sway, dot, curve, edge and line is precisely calculated for they may satisfy the bewildered eyes.

And beyond this curtained tunnel; a verdict is brewing to vindicate the case of the lunatic mind. The hexagonal room is cornered by pillars and tiled with copper colored ceramic topped with a round table.

Pay attention to the discussion of the oracle, pagan, fortuneteller, infidel, astronaut, shaman, witchdoctor, heathen, scientist, priest, deacon, judge and slave, all under the light of the philosopher stone.

How about this narrow passage?

Umm… now I am lost, I don’t remember where this one leads… let’s discover it together shall we?

Pick the map, I prefer to hold the torch, it is getting dark in here…

In here; shadows fight for empty walls, hold on… stop! In here a dark void is crystalizing my heart and characterizing my personality with mystery. Quick! Run back! It is a forbidden path.

Okay… catch your breath, and smile. At last we are here, the garden of golden apples; my divine haven. A tropical island shrouded with peace, tranquility and serenity. Hush! Enjoy the venerated silence slowly getting the flirtation of the crashing waves as they sing their seas. Can you hear the legendary serenade of quietness? Can you see the twinkle wasps flying around? Can you smell the breeze carrying scent of coconuts? Can you feel yourself swinging in the hammock of inner peace? If you do…let’s close our eyes and never wake up again.

Never mind… the day is not today and the time is yet to come. But hey… it is not just right and left, look above and below, thousands of ladders and cellar doors. It is a star gate! The funny part about this maze… that it is infinite yet you will never completely get lost inside it.

I hope you find this moment memorable… you just took a tour inside the purple maze. My brain.

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