Puppet-Blood-Lighter by Fahd AlSaleh

I waited so long for this. Finally, my best friend’s wedding is today. Oh, those long days of starvation. Only living on water, coffee and carrots. I really felt like bugs bunny. Anyways, it is time. The nails have been done, the skin has been cleansed, the hair styled and the eye shadow downed. Just the final piece of this long and tiresome equation. The DRESS! The brightest blue dress you can ever see. It cost a fortune but it is not like my best friend will be getting married again. This is the night. Today has finally come.
I screamed “Mom! I need your help to zip up my dress”. She came in the room and saw the mess I made.
“What is all this? When will you ever grow up and start acting like a lady? No one will clean your room today” She said.
We argued for a bit but she zipped me up anyways. I took one final look-around and made sure everything was as it should be. Today I will shine. I put on my coat and left the house. I texted my bestie while going down the driveway.
@BeautifulDina: Wait until you see me darling. I’ll take over your wedding. Hehe 😉
She replied: @me: Hey sexy. Can’t wait to see you… You outshine me? Get real you still didn’t see what I have cooking… 😝
Just before entering the car I remembered. The CAKE! Our pre-wedding celebration cake. I rushed back to the house and into the kitchen. There it laid onto the countertop waiting with the candles next to it. I searched the drawers for some matches but couldn’t find any.
“Wow, you look amazing!” I turned to see my brother walking into the kitchen.
I raised my hands to the sky and said “Praise the lord. Dude give me your lighter. I need it now”.
“Don’t tell me you started smoking now?” I slapped him on the shoulder. We argued for longer than I wanted but finally I made him give it up. I took everything and rushed to the car. I placed the cake securely in the passenger seat. I wrapped the seat belt around it to make sure it was held in place. Then I started the engine and off I went.
I had the music on max and was dancing while driving. I stopped at a red light. I felt my phone vibrate and picked it up. And saw a picture my other bestie Sara. She has just sent me a selfie. She looked great. But I definitely looked better. I turned the lights on and adjusted my seat and removed my seatbelt. I opened the camera and staring looking for the perfect angle. I suddenly heard a car horn so I stepped on the gas not to waste time. While doing so I took the perfect picture and pressed send. As I placed my hands back on the wheel I realised it was only me who was moving. I noticed bright lights flashing to my left. Then everything became white for a moment and suddenly I heard the sound of glass breaking followed by a nice breeze. Then thumps. Something hit my shoulders, back, hips. For a few seconds things alternated. I saw darkness and light over and over again. Then after a few moments I only saw darkness.
I heard the screech of tyres. I heard screams. I heard sirens. It felt like there was some sort of panic but I couldn’t see anything. Then all came to light. I saw the bright street lamps. I saw men in uniforms. I saw green lights flashing.
I was loaded into the back of what seems to be an ambulance. I could see the flashing street lamps and headlights. “What’s happening? Where are you taking me?”. I tried to talk but the man placed a mask over my face and started to prick me with a needle. I saw the entrance of the hospital. “Is there something wrong with me? Am I hurt? Because I don’t feel anything”. I speak but no one listened.
I was rushed into a room with at least a dozen people inside. Everyone screaming and shouting nonsense. There was a man staring right into my eyes. Finally, I was acknowledged. He came closer and removed the mask.
“Hey, how are you?” He said.
“What’s wrong? Why am I here? What’s happening?” I replied.
“What’s your name?” He asked to which I replied. Then he went on “I am Sulaiman your doctor. You have been in an accident. Right now, you are in the hospital. We want to make sure everything is fine”
I started to panic. My heart felt like it’ll leave my chest and my lungs suddenly stopped working. He asked me if there is anything hurting but I didn’t feel anything. He told me to raise my hands but I couldn’t. He picked them up and told me to hold up in the air. He let go and my arms quickly fell back down. He did the same with my legs. I had no control over my body. I felt like a puppet. No I am a puppet. Then someone came in with big scissors and started to cut down my dress. I screamed but she didn’t notice. As they tore apart the fabric I noticed the bright blue isn’t blue anymore. It was red. Blood red. I laid there on the bed and just accepted my fate. Everyone buzzing around and doing things. I was moved left and right. Flipped over and back. I was placed into a round machine. Many bags were connected to my veins. Some were blood some were clear. All of which I did not know. I was then moved to room filled with dullness and despair. I wondered how many lives ended in this room. Will I be the next? I sat there in solitude for what seemed to be hours. I couldn’t turn off the lights. I couldn’t call the nurses. I screamed but no one listened because the door was closed and I couldn’t open it. I was all alone. Trapped inside my own body.
A few moments later Sulaiman comes in and sits down next to me.
“Hello, do you feel better now?” he asks.
“Define better?” I replied.
“Well, unfortunately I have some bad news. So, the accident resulted in some injuries to your spine. The CT scan showed multiple fractures along the upper spinal verteb-”
“I won’t be able to move again. Right?” I cut in.
He paused for a moment looking all gloomy and sad. He then speaks
“We cannot not say for sure. The medical field is advancing rapidly and many-”
I closed my eyes. His voice became muffled and slowly faded away in the distance. I was transported to most colourful place. A place of no worries. A place with my beloved all gathered around. It smelled like musk and flowers. The music echoed into your soul. The desserts tingled along your tongue. I danced. The best dance that I ever danced befo-
“Hey” I open my eyes and see myself back in the room with Sulaiman in front of me “Did you understand all that I said?” he asked
“Yeah,… can you just leave the door open”

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