Puppet-Blood-Lighter by Toby Al-R

You left me stranded in a whirlwind of thoughts with no explanation, and I will just assume that you know what I mean.

But it’s fine, I understand the frame of the big picture.

This life is a non-understandable stage and we are the entertainers for the gods, puppets for the puppeteers, stringed with our blood vessels; cut the strings and we are nothing but dummies. 

Oh you say you are only one? The true lighter to the righteous path…

Excuse my ignorance, our primitive history taught me that there are many of you, with different shapes, judgements, abilities and even mood swings.

Some of you are sexist, they appear to be advantageous for the men, others are homophobic and some are in favor of sex and wine.

Some are brutally strict about the kind of uniform and design of hats we should put on, what the hell…

And some advocates sacrificing, leading some of us to think a crucifixion is unworthy without fire, and some thinks a gut wrenching heart ripping must be done with desire.

You think we are modern now? You think we moved on? We still practice self-harm inflection, bizarre rituals and preparation of holy wars led by martyrdom.

If there is one thing you all have in common, that you all like to hide and remain unseen. And I think you have done an excellent job in perfecting your confusion, the whole concept of your master piece is based on mind games… what’s the matter with you?

Yes I am entitled to be disappointed, for being forced to be tested upon my gifted freewill. For all the unanswered prayers, for all the hands directed to the sky assuming you are there, for all the suffering of innocent children that have nothing to do with your games. That never even asked to be staged for your amusement.

So you say it is fine? You promise all scores will be settled later on? I genuinely think that if the majority didn’t believe in afterlife; they won’t put up with the current global monopolization and injustice. But thanks to you, they are all just waiting. Surrendered to defeat.

We are lost in a place that makes no sense… encapsulated in that body; where I can’t control my heartbeats, I can’t taste my own tongue, I can’t see my own eyes without the help of a mirror.

I know I can move my hands! But I don’t know how I do it, everything is strangely designed… keeping in mind your unlimited powers; I honestly could think of many other ways that are much more convenient in every single aspect of your engineering.

But being your puppet, I realized that letting go of controlling my life is the exact moment I will be in control.

I choose to be a warrior not a worrier.

Because I think that we didn’t came to life… we came out of life.

Like fungus on a tree trunk, under pink sky and roaring thunder.

Like a tiny flower growing in between the crack of a concrete block.

But I have hope, because I learned from the best, from you…

I am an unconditional lover, I act in mysterious ways and I contradict myself sometimes.

I am a watcher, a game player, care free and one with the universe.

I am wise, patient, strong and a sucker for endless praises.

You will reward me for being me, because I have the final word. And you will not punish me because you already did many times before.

And don’t you dare forget… it is us; humans… who created you with all your other imaginary imposters.

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